Madeleine Stentiford is an emerging artist based in Adelaide. Completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Adelaide Central School of Art (ACSA) in 2014, she was selected for the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition and was presented the SALA Award. She also received the Helpmann Academy’s funded studio space at Fontanelle for the duration 2015 and has exhibited a solo show and numerous group shows around Adelaide.

Madeleine Samples and remixes second hand clothing and miscellaneous objects found through the process of op shopping. These items to her are a source of rejected Australian imagery in the form of expended goods, which act as a direct representation of our material culture.

She glorifies this eclectic range of bric-a-brac by borrowing imagery and splicing articles to represent the debased, low-fi larrikinism of contemporary Australian kitsch. Her work explores the philosophy of rural, coastal and suburban Australia, and her experiences of travel versus home life.

The use of shrines, chance, code and human error are recurring elements that filter through her work, used as a method of comprehending synchronicity and establishing networks.


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