LATEST..(don’t forget to check out the menu above!)


Margaret River edition one off vintage Billabong shirt- destroyed by texta’s with a broken arm.



Here’s a couple of photo’s (by Ashton Papazahariakis) of the most recent show at Format Gallery. This was an Aussie kitsch mash-up collaboration by Dominique Keeley and myself. Good times! More photos in menu; Do You Kendone This?

This is a tiny shop I set up @ the OTHERWORLD show at Z-Ward (old criminally insane asylum). Made a pretty penny. Premium art at discount prices!

 Who’s this creep?? While painting this Iv discovered a new found love for painting mullets – that perfect combination of smooth controlled locks versus that front action mayhem 👌

Sneak peak – The Bachelor 2016

Floating gooses SALA show OCCASIONAL PURPOSE- 6 hour live art making session- photos above is what happened


HOME-GROWN COWA-BUNGA’S: Hand crafted by yours truly for these cold Adelaide nights!

Need practise with your business handshake? This paperweight is the perfect office accessory.


Sick and tired of not being able to wear your tassels in the ocean?

tom key ring- workshop

sophie necklace-workshop

hermione key ring- workshop

blair witch key ring

Blair witch voodoo key rings –  made by Alison Thomas , Tom Maguire, Hermione Twycross and Sophie Green  as part of the artist talk/ workshop for Microwave Your Undies & Freeze Your Broad-brim (Sunday 17th May 2015) at Fontanelle, Bowden.


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